Roman Grinev Photography


Starting in 2010 I am excited to announce that I am exclusively photographing weddings for Roman Grinev Photography.  This change allows me to focus on the part of weddings I enjoy the most, the photography and documenting of the wedding day.  Brides benefit from this change because Roman Grinev Photography has been in business for over 10 years, and has 2 offices for meetings. You can talk to me, and sit down with me in a meeting before you book at any of Roman Grinev Photography’s 2 offices.  You can still contact me at for any questions, and I can help put you in touch with Roman Grinev.  Or you can get in touch with Roman Grinev directly at or just let him know i sent you over.

A couple links:

Roman Grinev Photography’s Website

Thomas Wakefield’s Blog at Roman Grinev Photograhy

Thanks again, and I look forward to more weddings with everyone.