Photojunction love

Ok, i save my blog mostly for images. But sometimes i find a piece of software that i want to rave about, in hopes that other photographers will benefit from it. Photojunction’s new PJ Remix is amazing for album layouts. I had been using the beta version for months, and it just finally went too a full release. It works great with photoshop, allowing you to quickly take an image from the layout, jump out to photoshop to tweak it, and bring it right back into the layout. That’s the kind of thing that really speeds up a design, and makes me be more creative on the designs, which clients love. They support tons of album companies and templates, but who even needs templates, when it’s so easy to start from scratch with Remix.

So for all my clients this year that have albums layouts coming, you guys get to benefit first hand from this new software. It also does great layout previews, so you guys can get a great look at the albums before they go off to print to make comments and changes.